8 Tips to Make Your Child’s Studying Easier

How To Make Studying Easier For Your Child

If your child doesn’t like studying, you may find it a bit unpleasant, especially when it comes to getting them to study… Just reading this may have triggered negative emotions or memories in you; after all, children find it challenging to do things that they see as a duty, whereas things that bring them joy, on the contrary, bring them happiness. If your child keeps putting off studying or is not enjoying it, here are a few tips to make the process easier. Why is it difficult for some children to study while others are happy to do so? Actually, it has little to do with intelligence.

Suppose your child has a hard time studying. In that case, it could be for several reasons: they are not interested in the subject, they have difficulty focusing, they feel that they should never make mistakes, and this causes them stress, or they feel that studying is meaningless. First, ask them to think for a moment: what would be the advantages and benefits for them if they performed better in class? For example, would they feel more empowered? Would their relationship with his family and teachers be positively affected? Would it make it easier for them to achieve their dreams for the future? You can ask them to make a list of these. Then, when they feel ready, they can start applying the following tips:

1) Starting with small steps:

Starting with small steps: If someone wants to quit smoking, it would be unrealistic to suggest that they quit immediately, but it would be easier to cut down gradually. This also applies to studying. If your child hasn’t been studying for a long time, it can be tiring for them to act right away. So, you can encourage them to start in small steps. Just five minutes or half an hour… It’s up to them. Once they’ve started, they should remind themselves that they’ve accomplished something difficult. It’s hard to break a habit, just like writing with the left hand.

2) They should not be afraid of making mistakes:

One does not have to be perfect; one can make mistakes sometimes. Mistakes make us grow. No one is born brilliant. We develop and learn by making mistakes. But if we avoid making mistakes, we will always stay in the same place, and it will be difficult for us to improve. Please remind your children not to be afraid of making mistakes; don’t just say it. Try to set an example for them with your actions.

3) Have them add something that brings them joy:

Let them put on their favorite music while studying, light a candle if they want, go to their favorite corner of the house, or take a favorite drink while studying. Something that can bring them joy. After studying, they should reward themselves with something they like. Spending time on social media, watching a movie… It all depends on their taste.

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4) They should be able to take action without waiting for motivation:

Often, we wait to feel motivated or eager to take action. But motivation comes after action. When they need to study, they should count to five without thinking and move to the desk on the count of five. As they start to study, they will feel “I am doing something”, their sense of achievement will be triggered, and they will feel more motivated as a result. First comes movement, then motivation.

5) They should remind themselves why they decided to study:

What are the benefits and pros of studying for them? They should make a list and read it when they feel like giving up.

6) Every student has the power to succeed:

There may be others among their friends who are doing better than they are now, but this does not mean that your child lacks something. They can achieve whatever they want if they find the methods that are right for them.

7) Let them find their own way:

Some people learn faster by writing, some by drawing, and some by listening to audio recordings or videos… Which one is right for your child? They should find the method that suits them best and try to apply it more in their lives.

8) Let them turn studying into a game:

In your child’s mind, they can turn studying into a game and challenge themselves. There is only one opponent here: your child themself. At each level of the game, they should challenge themselves to do better than their previous performance. Let them remember how confident they are when they play a game, and when they study, they can say to themselves, “I can do this!”, “I am strong and capable enough to do this


Answer the quiz below to find the issues that apply to your child. After your evaluation, you will develop a better strategy and improve your approach to the problem.

-Not afraid to make mistakes
1) Yes 2) No

-Generally expects to feel motivated to take action
1) Yes 2) No

-If there is something they need to do, they act, even if they don’t feel motivated
1) Yes 2) No

-Learns faster by drawing things, looking at pictures or thinking visually
1) Yes 2) No

-Learns faster with video or audio recordings
1) Yes 2) No

-Learns faster by reading aloud
1) Yes 2) No

-Learns faster when working with a friend
1) Yes 2) No

-Takes care to work in an environment they like while studying
1) Yes 2) No

-Is Aware that there are many advantages of studying
1) Yes 2) No

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