Rise to Shine: A Parent’s Guide to Cultivating Brilliant Children – Audiobook + PDF


“Rise to Shine” ignites your child’s brilliance.
Choose your price & empower kids globally.


Spark Brilliance in Your Child: “Rise to Shine” Ebook & Audiobook + 60-Day Activity Planner

“Rise to Shine” equips you to:

  • Spark Creativity & Problem-Solving: Unleash your child’s inner genius and watch them tackle challenges with confidence.
  • Nurture Emotional & Social Intelligence: Help them navigate friendships, manage emotions, and build empathy.
  • Cultivate Resilience & Growth Mindset: Turn setbacks into stepping stones and foster a “can-do” attitude.
  • Sharpen Focus & Engagement: Keep them motivated and learning with practical strategies.
  • Promote Well-being & Reduce Stress: Create a joyful and balanced environment for your child to flourish.

Plus, get a 60-Day Activity Planner to ignite your child’s brilliance with daily ideas!

This is just the beginning! “Rise to Shine” goes beyond these core areas, offering additional insights to empower your child’s overall development.

Empower your child’s journey. Download “Rise to Shine” today!

7 reviews for Rise to Shine: A Parent’s Guide to Cultivating Brilliant Children – Audiobook + PDF

  1. William

    “Rise to shine” could be better.
    The content is nothing new. Techniques and strategies are pretty standard. But happy to contribute a nonprofit organization to help them do more.

  2. Harley

    A well organized, concise book. For those who don’t want to read a lot but need some valuable information.

  3. Alora

    I haven’t checked the book yet but I’m happy to contribute WOHM and get a parenting resource in return.

  4. Lauren

    Packed with practical advice! “Rise to Shine” equips parents to raise well-rounded, confident kids.

  5. Sydney

    Glad to be a part of WOHM’s community.

  6. Elianna

    A busy working mother here, I listened to the audiobook while driving to work. It provided helpful tips that were easy to understand, even in short bursts. No fluff, just practical strategies I could implement right away.

  7. Leia

    I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but Rise to shine has been a game-changer.
    I learned new stuff and refresh my memory on concepts I may have forgotten. The audiobook is perfect for short car rides, and the activities in the planner are actually fun (bonus points for not being another screen!)
    Plus, knowing my contribution goes towards helping other kids makes it even more rewarding.

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