4 Facts That Will Change Your Perspective Against Charities

There are many charities around the globe, and most of them have similar goals in common: to ensure equality, justice and make the world a better place. It is a fact that even the tiny numbers that many people donate can cause significant changes in some people’s lives. But there are many vital points people have the right to know before donating to charities. Here are some of them:

Your donations may not be as efficient as you expect

Of course, one of the essential things when donating is your intention. But there is one thing to be aware of: sometimes donations, even when done with good intentions, can harm humanity in the long run. Many charities help underprivileged communities with facilities such as food, shelter, or goods. We respect and appreciate their efforts as always. But our point of view differs from the traditional charity activities. Every nonprofit develops their method according to its vision of the world. Our worldview shapes our actions just like any other nonprofit. We aim to build a sustainable charity methodology when it comes to helping disadvantaged communities and developing countries. I’m sure you’ve heard of the fish metaphor. “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” It may be more beneficial in the long run to donate to organizations that teach individuals how to fish. Organizations that invest in children’s education or provide job opportunities to people who do not have a financial situation can be an excellent examples.

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Small gifts may have a significant impact

Even donating too little can make a significant difference in some people’s lives. The money you spend every morning for your coffee can provide for a child’s monthly basic needs on the other side of the world. From this point of view, people say, “what could I lose most?”. Another crucial point is that this significant influence contributes to both the lives of others and yours. Especially if concepts such as justice, equality, and helpfulness are one of your values, this behavior can make you feel good throughout the day or week without noticing. We get more satisfaction from life with value-oriented behaviors;

The charities’ mission tells it all.

Suppose you’re not sure which charity to donate to; check the charity’s mission out. A charity’s mission will tell you where your money will go, demonstrating the organization’s short-term and long-term goals. Subscribe to their email list and follow them on social media. You’ll get what you need after all. If you did not find enough information or have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to contact the authorized people and ask them your questions.

Donation is not the only way to help.

If you want to impact humanity positively, you should know that the only way to do this is not to donate to a charity. Instead of donating, you can choose to work as a volunteer for organizations that depend on the issues you want to help. You can contact them if you think you have something to contribute to them (such as organizing a seminar, project, or workshop). Also, many charities now have things that they produce and sell for those who want to donate. You can also choose to purchase one of these instead of donating. You might want to follow them on social media networks. Supporting them on social media or leaving a positive review will help reach more people who might want to help or demand the charity’s service. As long as you have the motivation and desire to impact the world, many options are available.

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