Non-profits And Education: Reshaping A Fundamental Building Block

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Education can be perceived as an equation that includes the likes of teachers and students. These students can either be children or young people who go to school to gain knowledge and develop their social abilities, all to land a job.

The education system has always played a significant role in preparing everyone for a known work set. Society, however, was a different space where individuals learned together in a natural area. The physical space is slowly getting out of trend as the pandemic has shifted our society to a virtual one, and people are using their electronic devices to socialize. 

While the education system continues to prepare young minds for traditional jobs, there is a possibility that that workspace might not exist in the future. The advent of technology has helped us out in several ways, but the shape of the future work environment has not been envisioned or defined as of yet. Technologies like drones, 3D printing, AI, and nanotechnology consistently increase their efficiency, and their impact is gradually rising in our lives and businesses.

Non-Profit Organizations And Their Impact

Several non-profit organizations are working in tandem to formulate maps and scenarios for the future of education. Still, they are not diving deep into the practicalities of the ways to implement them.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published “Back to the Future of Education: Four OECD Scenarios for Schooling,” which examined several scenarios of this future. The World Economic Forum included the above topic in their Davos Agenda in Jan 2021 and published another article discussing the urgency of remolding the future of education.

Dr. Jennifer M. Gidley, the education futurist, aimed to “raise awareness about new thinking that will be required in the future, especially regarding youth education and sustainable urban development.”

Sir Ken Robinson shared his views with the world via TedX conferences and spoke about the main issues of the public education system. 

The non-profit sector is expected to do some research and build a new education system or revise the existing system itself. They have to take up some form of initiative to define a plan for the next decade that will change the future of education for the youngsters. They have to invite the public sector to take more innovative steps and upgrade the existing ways of teaching and thinking. 

2020 was a year that exposed the education system for its lack of adaptability and flexibility, but they still failed to develop those capacities. Non-profit organizations and NGOs are essential elements in society and can play a prominent role during this shift. They should be able to propose new solutions that can build up the students for success in the unforeseen future.

The advent of the pandemic has shaped a new way of living for children. These young minds should be molded to be more adaptable and get good opportunities to develop their flexible cognitive capacities in education.

The new education system should develop the strength of unicity for every pupil and create new methods or tools that will enhance their critical thinking and growth mindset. Education should be looked at with a nuanced vision, and it must be understood that students require a personalized curriculum aligned with their strengths and weaknesses.

Non-profit organizations working with children and young people must assist them in building a set of digital capacities. They should offer the students opportunities to learn how to code, understand data science and develop creative thinking. They should also aid them in building exponential thinking skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, empathy, and creativity.

Non-profit organizations that support the education system and its students are a great external force that can implement new methods. They will then be significant players to equip the pupils with the required skills for their future jobs.

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