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We seek a better future free of conflicts, social injustice, and poverty. And a world of hope where all children live in peace and equal opportunities.

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"World Humanitarian Movement | WOHM" is a charitable nonprofit organization

Our Mission

WOHM aims to provide humanitarian aid and service, including psychological support to people who have been victims of conflicts, drought, disease, and natural disasters throughout the globe, regardless of race, creed, gender or nationality.
Our purpose is to fight against poverty by providing all kinds of education for people until they achieve to maintain their lives without needing anyone’s aid. 

Our Focus

We put children in the focus center because we know that when we meet their basic needs and educate them in the light of human values, ​​they become indispensable for a brighter future.

Join "The World Organization For Humanitarian Movement" as we help children worldwide. WOHM aims to connect people to build a better future. Connect Now!


Healthy Food

Every 10 seconds, a child dies from malnutrition. We provide nutritional food to malnourished kids and newborn babies using our "Nutrition Fund," supported by donors.


We all know that education is the key to long-term change. We aim to support children who can't pay for tuition, books, school supplies, shoes and clothes. Every child has the right to a proper education.

Medical Supplies

Millions of children are in need of medical supplies as a result of conflict, Covid-19, natural catastrophes, and lethal yet preventable diseases.

Drinkable Water

More than 1.4 billion individuals live in high or extremely high water risk regions worldwide, including 450 million children.


Children are in danger of childhood infections due to poor sanitation, which can influence their general development, learning, and, later in life, economic possibilities.

Love & Care

Every child deserves to be loved and cared for; we all know how crucial love and compassion are for children's development.

Supporters & Partners


Education For Children

Education Supplies For A Child

$15 could provide kids with necessary school materials, allowing them to participate in learning programs.
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Nutritional Meals

Nutritional Meals For Children In Need

$10 could provide 7 kids who have been affected by conflicts and poverty with nutritional meals.
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Toys They Deserve

$20 could provide 5 children who never had a toy or have lost everything due to conflict with toys such as teddy bears, balls and building blocks.
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Children's Charity

Why Should You Support Children's Charities?

Humanity’s innate urge to undertake good deeds and change the world into a better place is present in every person. Every child deserves a better future because they are our future. Children’s charities offer a variety of opportunities to interact with vulnerable children who badly need someone to advocate for them, providing a practical and beneficial option for each of us to play a part and influence the world around us.

A children’s charity is a particular way to put your compassion into action, no matter how tiny your gesture can be. You cannot value the opportunity to be a part of something greater that has the power to change history and inspire hope!

"Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

Your help for children in need is changing lives.

Join "The World Organization For Humanitarian Movement" as we help children worldwide. WOHM aims to connect people to build a better future. Connect Now!

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