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Quality education is a fundamental entitlement for all children.

Many kids never get to see a classroom. Millions are forced to leave because of conflicts, overpopulation, poverty, climate change or just because they are girls.

WOHM strives to ensure that children in places where it is difficult to be a child receive the education they deserve.

You can impact children’s future by donating as little as $10 monthly.

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A Monthly Donation of as little as $10 can impact children's future for good.

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Humanity’s innate urge to undertake good deeds and change the world into a better place is present in every person. Every child deserves a better future because they are our future. WOHM offers a variety of opportunities for children by forming the required conditions for a proper education that will help them survive and maintain their lives without needing anyone’s aid.

We provide practical and beneficial opportunities for each of us to play a part in and influence the world around us by offering the proper education for children.

World Humanitarian Movement effectively puts your support and donations into practical action for children, no matter how tiny your gesture can be. We cannot value the opportunity to be a part of something greater that has the power to change history and inspire hope!

"Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

Every child has the right to learn!

An Educated Girl

Will Educate Her Kids Will Be More Independent Will Not Submit to Violence Will Not Marry Early

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First and foremost, we aim to provide primary education for children in the light of fundamental moral and human values.

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Remote Learning

We provide distance education to children and young people in strategic regions that will enable them to be economically independent and solve the problems of their area.

School Supplies

We provide all kinds of equipment and supplies that will enable children to receive education in proper and equal conditions.

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Hands On Education

We work closely with local educators and experts to prepare children for real-life obstacles and problems by providing practical vocational training according to their tendencies.

Your help for children in need is changing lives.

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Every child has the right to learn!

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